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September 20-22, 2021

La Cantera Resort & Spa | San Antonio, TX

Amplifying the lives and voices of women in business around the world.


What is the Amplify Event?

This retreat is for high-powered women looking to AMPLIFY their lives. Through our relationships for the past eight years, we have discovered the power of a tribe to help us grow in all aspects of our lives. All eleven of us have exponentially grown through the process we will share with you at this retreat. So if you are looking to grow, build, or want to find a tribe of dynamic, smart, powerful women, then this event is for you.





Who is it for?

We ask the big questions and collaborate together to help you tackle and grow through big, audacious goals, like how do I:

  • Give myself permission to live the life I really want to live?
  • Have incredible profitable businesses?
  • Have strong and present marriages/partnerships/relationships?
  • Blossoming relationships with our kids, parents and friends?
  • Experience spiritual/religious connectivity?
  • Build Wealth and create a life worth living?
  • Prioritize self care, personal leverage¬† and maintain a body I want to live in long into old age?
  • Create a legacy and life of giving, building and contribution?

If you are looking to grow in any of these areas, regardless of industry or phase in life, this exclusive retreat is for you.

Your Hosts

These women combined represent over $2 billion in sales annually!

Wendy Papasan

Diane Griffin

Vija Williams

Seychelle Van Poole

Tiffany Fykes

Carissa Acker

Kymber Menkiti

Carin Nguyen

Sarah Reynolds Oji

Sarita Dua

Sue Adler